Why Career Coaching Can Help You Achieve your Dreams!

Are you unsure about what career to go into? You need to ask yourself the following questions:

1) Vision – What is your ideal career?
2) Strengths – What are you skilled at?
3) Goals – Let’s take measurable steps to make your ideal career a reality!

Career Coaching saves time, money and stress. Career Coaching is different than career counseling. Career counseling helps you choose a college after you choose a career. Career coaching helps you choose a career.

Did you know 30% of college students take 5 or more years to graduate? The average person changes careers 7 times. Each career change costs around $5,000 – $10,000! Studies indicate 80% of adults are dissatisfied with their jobs! Don’t be a part of those statistics! Get it “right” the 1st time!

So what does a “successful” career look like? I believe it is a career you love, are skilled at and get paid to do!

Special Guest Post by:

Scott Asai – Success Coach
“Experience Success”
(310) 295-0046

You do not have to do this alone! Sign up now and give yourself the advantage of Career Coaching!


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