Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday! Here are the articles you might have missed this week:

The Sex Talk: 6 Things Parents Must Know
Straight from the mouths of teens, what parents should consider before giving their kids any kind of serious sit-down.

Talking About Mass Shootings
[Video] What parents can do when they see their child pull back. I send my condolences out to all the families who have suffered in the recent tragedies. Here is a message for teens that they are not alone and where they can get help.

Guest Post: The One and Only Zen Gift to Give your Children
Great guest post about teaching your kids about ‘stillness’ and balance.

Teens and Sex
[Video] This is the same day I went on Playboy radio (this past Monday..I will try to get a clip for the website for those who missed it) to talk about teens and sex. This is a video about the rise in pregnancy rates for teens and what we can do about it.

The Cafeteria Swap: How to Make your Kid’s Lunches Untradeable
A post I wrote for Mark’s Daily Apple! How to make school lunches more appealing and healthy for your kids–and some very, very creative names and dishes.

Charity, Perspective and Love Over the Holidays
The holidays are a great time to bond with your family and teach appreciation and perspective to your kids by volunteering and giving back. Here are some good ways you can take advantage of the holidays.

Next week will be our holiday round-up newsletter!

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