Best Stocking Stuffers for Teens

Stockings are the best…when they have stuff that you can actually use. Here are some great ideas for small, and usually low-priced stocking items. (Most are uni-sex, and are marked if they are meant especially for boys or girls–not that it isn’t obvious that lipstick is for girls)

-Chapstick- Lips get so chapped in the winter. Smackers or Juicy Tube for girls and Blistex for boys.
-Altoids, Tic Tacs, Icebreakers anything really yummy in a cool container
-playing cards
-$5 Gift Certificates to Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, iTunes, etc.
-New Ipod Ear Buds or a cool new case
-Hacky Sack
-Chea Pets or Gigapets, I know most of your kids played with these when they were little, but they are so fun to bring back a blast from the past.
-Mini Dart set or Mini car checker board
-MP3 Player
-pocket dictionary for any language they are taking in school
-Scratch-off lottery tickets
-Stress Ball: School is getting harder, they will soon need this.
-An Extreme yo-yo, this is always fun to practice and get really good at.
-My mom did this once, some creative coupons: “One dinner and dessert of your choice” or “One weekend out of raking the leaves” or “One Tank of Gas”
-For student drivers: Air Fresheners, key chain, car mug, memo pad…
-Video Games or another controller for friends
-digital camera
-Pens (for girls those fuzzy ones, for boys ones that can write upside down or have like 15 tools hidden inside)
-extra cell phone minutes or money for new ring-tones

Teen Girls:
-Floaty candles- These are fun to float in little bowls in your room
-earrings or bracelet bangles are quite in right now
-headbands are also in right now as well as hair scrunchies or rubberbands…always need more of those.
-Nail Polish and make-up
-Bath beads

Teen Boys:
-Little remote control cars or helicopters… I don’t think boys ever out-grow these
-Swiss army knife
-Shot glasses…just kidding.
-New wallet, boy’s wallets fall apart faster than Britney after she had kids. Be sure to look at their existing wallet and get them something similar.
-If he is into cars: Car soap, soft rags, tire shine, drying towel…

Any other suggestions? Write them below!

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