[Just for Fun] What NOT to Get Your Teen This Christmas

lawnmower.pngThere are certain gifts that should never be given, or at least not at Christmas time, or at least not to an unsuspecting teenager. This list is just for fun made by me and a few of my teen and tween friends

Disclaimer: If your teen asked for any of these things, then be sure to get it for them! (but make sure they were not joking) And if you actually love getting one of the things on this list, then great–be sure to tell your loved ones so they can get it for you!

My most dreaded gifts for teens:

1) New Lawnmower/Paint Cans/ Rake/ Dog Pooper Picker Upper/ Choreboard (really anything that would help us do our chores better pretty much sucks)

2) SAT Prep/ College Prep/ AP Prep books (we are not saying don’t get us this ever, just please don’t wrap it and pretend it’s a present…its more like a punishment)

3) More pens, pencils, paperclips, highlighters…any kind of boring office supplies.

4) Fruit Cake (some people like this, I know, but it always kind of grossed me out)

5) A copy of “Teen Angst: A celebration of Really Bad Poetry” hey, we might be moody, but you do not have to remind us.

6) A Book Store Gift Certificate- Now, I liked getting these because you could always buy music and I loved to read, but I was outnumbered with the argument: ‘even if I like to read, even if you can buy other stuff on Amazon, we still know what they want us to buy and we would rather just have money)

7) Any piece of clothing with a name or initials sewn on

8) Snow Globes or Puzzles (we grow out of these by the age of 8)

9) A Christmas punch/smack/squeeze/wet kiss or pinch

10) Tube Socks or Undergarments

I hope you have not already bought one of these things, if so, return, re-gift or donate!

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2 Responses to “[Just for Fun] What NOT to Get Your Teen This Christmas”

  1. Stimey
    December 17, 2008 at 6:47 pm #

    Excellent list. And now I see the difference between you young people and my old people: we like book store gift cards. :)

  2. Morgan
    October 10, 2009 at 6:51 pm #

    i Love book store gift card i LOVE to read!

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