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Today, I did a Guestpost on YPulse, which is daily news and commentary about this generation for marketers and media professionals.

I would like to welcome you all to my site and share a few articles that I think will be relevant for you. I am 22 and like to give a younger perspective to parents about what teens are really doing socially, in school, on the Internet and at home. I hope that my posts can also help you understand your demographic.

What Do Teens Today Really Worry About? The Top 5 Issues Revealed
Teens talk all the time, but they never seem to talk to parents or adults about what is really bothering them. What do teens talk about? What worries them and why are they not telling parents?

4 Ways to Explain Jamie Lynn Spears to Your Kids
She is pregnant at 16! How in the world can this be a good opportunity for you? Here are some great ways to talk to your kids about it.

What NOT to get a Teen this Christmas
We all got one of these gifts at one point, now I am here to tell parents to STOOOOOP….please?

What Parents Need to Know About Marketers
Marketers study your kids more than you do. What are media professionals and marketers saying about teens today? Their research can help you, here I summarize some generalizations by Jane Buckingham, a top teen marketer and my take on them.

For all of my fabulous regular readers, the post is:

4 Unexpected Teen Hooks

Ok, so you produce a record, book a show, create a product, make a commercial, write a book…and now you need to sell it to teens. What exactly catches a teen’s fancy? What makes Lil’ Mama’s ‘Lipgloss’ a number one hit on iTunes while some of her other songs never make it on the radio? What makes one Youtube video get over 3 million views in 24 hours? How can you get your product to be that viral?

Sure, there are good songs and bad songs, good products and bad products, but, more importantly, there are certain necessary formulas you need to get your X factor ‘teen sticky’. With Richard’s 20-year experience in the teen marketing industry and Vanessa’s young age, exposure to the net-generation and candid perspective, they have examined the successful viral marketing campaigns, recent explosive trends and current teen obsessions. Here are their golden rules so you can milk your cash cow and tap into Generation Y’s fleeting attention spans:

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