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photo4.jpgHappy Friday! I am sure it has been a very busy week for most of you with returning to work, school and the gym after the holidays. Here is the weekly summary of all the posts on the blog this week.

Could Gluten Be Affecting Your Child’s Behavior?
Gluten has been said to cause behavioral outbursts in kids and has been banned from certain schools in LA, could it be affecting you or your family?

Teen Slang: Decoding What Kids Are Saying
Teens have all sorts of weird abbreviations and sayings that parents are completely oblivious to. Here is a short and fun list.

5 Myths About Rules and Consequences for Your Teen
This is a great guest post by a child development specialist, Margit Crane, about how to make effective rules in your house.

[Video] Peer Pressure to Smoke Marijuana
Teens smoke marijuana to test their own limits…as well as their friends.

The Midwest Teen Sex Show
Tons of teens are watching this online weekly show about sex. They are PG-13 type informative, mostly funny videos explaining everything from anal sex to lesbianism. This weeks post was about parents. I thought it would be important to show some parents what types of videos teens today are watching.

What Parents Need to Know About Marketers
Marketers study your kids more than you do. What are media professionals and marketers saying about teens today? Their research can help you, here I summarize some generalizations by Jane Buckingham, a top teen marketer and my take on them.

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