1-16-2008 Current Parent News Summary

Wednesday, woohooo almost done with the week…and thank goodness many of us have a three-day weekend, go MLK (I am going to the parade here in downtown)!

I am going to try something new every Wednesday because I am getting a lot of emails from parents asking for:

1) where they can keep up on news from across the web that parents should be reading.

2) interesting sites and updates on parenting blogs and/or sites that teens are frequenting.

So, here are some recent interesting links. I have summarized them for you, so you can read them further if you are interested in that particular topic. If you just want to skim thats totally fine, I just want to keep you updated!

Myspace Gets Tougher on Rules for Kids and Teens
This is some important news for parents wanting to keep their kids safe online. They are trying to come up with a new age-verification system, automatically setting all members under the age of 18’s profiles to ‘private’ so strangers cannot see or message them. 49 states have signed this measure, but they still have a while to go…at least it is in the right direction.

An Inventor Comes Up With A Way to Combat Bad Teen Driving Habits
This little device goes on the steering wheel of your kids car and when there is not two hands on the wheel for more than a minute it starts to beep. They might kill you for it, but it might save them! It really encourages them to stay off the phone, not play with music, not brush their hair and stay focused on the road…I probably need one.

1014555_w315.jpg Teen Anger and Teen Drinking
This is an interesting article about teenagers and drinking and how it can cause anger and unstable behavior.

NBC Trendwatch: Teens Are Too Cool for Jackets
Umm, NBC this is no trend, when I was five I argued with my mom about wearing a jacket. Bu, I guess if you are constantly arguing with your teen about not wearing enough clothes…you are not alone (reaaaaal shocker).

How to Tell If Your Teen Is Drinking
Interesting article in correlating to my “How to Tell If Your Teen is Smoking.” Look out for smell, pupils, mood swings, car accidents, deceit or secretness, decreased motivation, missing alcohol, cash flow problems, odd change in friends.

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