Top 3 Parent Pitfalls and Positives

Today I did a guest post on Margit Crane’s blog, I am posting part of the article here for you guys!

“What am I doing wrong?” “What is the best thing great parents do?” “What should I avoid doing at all costs?”

These are the types of questions I often get asked when I speak or meet parents at book signings. They are so nervous and want to know what my parents did wrong or what the biggest parenting mistake is.

Of course, I always tell them first to calm down, and second, that it is just not that simple. I believe parenting, like growing up, (as a 22 year old I have only experienced one of these) is a fluid and adaptive process. Everyone has different methods that work and do not work for them. Having said that, I do believe that there are a few patterns and habits that work way better and way worse than others.

Top 3 Parent Pitfalls:

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