Pedophiles Find a Way to Get Private Photos on MySpace

myspace.gifWired’s Article about a glitch on MySpace that allows users to sneak into private photo albums to look at pictures is a huge problem.  I am posting about this, so parents can let their kids know that not everything they post online is private…even when they think it is.

I often do a presentation for teens about how to take advantage of all the Internet’s resources while also staying safe.  I push these points, and hope that you will talk to your kids about them and this article:

1. Not all sites are legitimate, when doing school research or looking at the news, make sure what you are reading is real.

2. Watch your financial information, do not just put your credit card information into any system, be sure to ask your parents and keep all receipts.

3. Anything and everything you do or say online can be saved and used by someone else later.  Even if you think what you are doing is ‘private’ you never know if a friend or stranger could find it and use it in ways you would not like.

The third point is really important especially with iming and emails, when we gossip or write something in an email you never know if the email is going to get intercepted or used against you later.   Please do take a look at this article and maybe bring it to your kid’s attention, not to scare them, but to let them know that not everything is private.

Let me know if you want more information from my presentation about the Internet, I do a corresponding one for parents on  “What your Kids Are Really Doing Online” and I am happy to post some of the information on here if there is interest,

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6 thoughts on “Pedophiles Find a Way to Get Private Photos on MySpace”

  1. I would love to know more about your presentation. I have been thinking about putting together a “very short” similar presentation for parents during our schools parent conference night and open house night. your blog has been the source of some of the inspiration to do this presentation.

  2. Hi Phil,

    Ok great, I will work on putting together a more succinct post (my presentation is normally 1 hour) with some tips for parents and teachers and teens online.
    thanks for reading!

  3. Hey Vanessa,
    Really like the site & all your energy. I just came across it. I have been working in the UK to try and get parents to help each other to make sense of all this stuff – we are building a ning site and one area is to help people that are putting on parents seminars. There is a lot of rubbish online and I have heard some dismal talks for parents – that don’t cover all the benefits etc… If you would be willing to share you material and content to help organizers get going then let me know.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. Has fixed the bug mentioned in the 1/08 WIRED article? I just came across the article and wondered if there had been a fix, no that it is a year or more later?

  5. I think they have, but you never know when kinks are going to show up. Never ever post pictures you would not want everyone to see because you never know!

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