1-23-2008 Current Parent News Summary

My Wednesday News Summary Posts posts are quick weekly summaries of news that is relevant for parents of teens from all across the web, to make it easy for busy parents to keep updated on news that might effect their family…or just find interesting!

Myspace Finally Fixes the Glitch on Private Photos
I posted about this earlier in the week, and now it is finally being fixed.

Heath Ledger Dies at Age 28
For those of you with teen girls, you have probably heard that Heath Ledger was found dead near a bottle of pills this week. This news hit home with me because he was my generation’s heartthrob and really brought the fear of drugs close to home.

Many Teen Magazines to be ‘dumped’
Walmart is dumping 1,000 magazines including a few very popular teen magazines including Elle Girl, Teen People and Suede to name a few. I think that many teens are genuinely reading less and less magazines and have turned to many online publications such as Teen Ink. Having less print magazines makes me nervous, because I always recommend parents flip through their kids magazines to get an idea of what they are reading to both make sure they are appropriate and to have some good ammunition to talk about in those long car rides. It is much harder to screen what they are reading online.

Get Mortified
This one is just for fun, you can go on here and rant and angst about things that you did when you were younger. I quote from their About Page: “Mortified is a comic excavation of adolescent artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, home movies, stories and more) as shared by their original authors before total strangers.” Seems like a great way to tell your teens that you had ‘mortifying moments’ as well.

New Viral Video for Teens
There is a huge new video that is all over the news and tons of teens are watching. Supposedly a child had called the school’s superintendent on his listed number to see if the recent snow was closing the school for the day. The man’s wife called back and left him a very nasty message. The kid posted the video online and now there is an uproar about how the school and the couple handles updates.

Stay Tuned!



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