1-25-2008 Friday Round-Up

Busy week? Here are the posts you might have missed this week:

Teen Training: How to Motivate Your Teen to Exercise
This is an awesome guest post by Mark’s Daily Apple with some tips on how to get your teen moving!

car.jpg7 Things Parents Should Never Say to Teens
Watch out for these triggers…and what to say instead!

1-23-2008 Wednesday Workout
Quick news summaries and links important for parents: Heath Ledger found dead, many Teen Magazines to be dumped, new ranting website, viral video from a school principle and more.

Pot vs Alcohol: What Are Teens Using?
Parents need to be aware of the effects and warning signs of both alcohol and marijuana, but what are teens today really using…and how could it effect your family?

Pedophiles Find a Way to Get Private Photos on MySpace

10 Must-Haves for College-Thinking-Teens
If you or your family is even starting to think about college you need to take some preparations, here are some books, materials and information your family should have before starting the application process.

Top 3 Parent Pitfalls and Positives
My observations about what every parent should look out for and what they should try to do more of in their family.

7 Steps for Parents: Should You Get Your Child a Cell Phone?
Between texting, internet searching, Youtube and cell phone games you need to make sure your child is protected. There are also some great new phones that can help you be a better parent.

Have a great weekend!


PS- I have decided to post one of my funny pictures every week along with the Friday Round-up just for fun : ) This one is when I was in Tibet, China on the way to Mt Everest and our tire literally flew off the car in the middle of nowhere and we had to look around in the dirt for the pins. (we found them and did actually make it eventually)


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