Tween Writes letter to Britney: Why You Are Not Like Buddha

I had to post this just because I think this is hilarious. One of my 12 year-old clients had to write, as a history assignment, a letter to a celebrity they thought was acting against Buddha’s laws. She chose Britney Spears and outlined the laws for her and why she was breaking them. Including “screaming outside of K-fed’s house and hitting paparazzi is selfish and harmful….” She also demands a reply on how Britney will fix her ways. You get the idea.

*Note that she actually sent it to the Rehab center Britney was staying at (it came back to sender). Sorry for the poor quality I had to scan and take a snapshot of the tiff.





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  1. OMG this is awesome, I love how she says “this would be something that us, 12 year-olds would do”

    thanks for the laugh!

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