1-30-2008 Current Parent News Summary

Why are we so dumb, yo?
A video by three teens in Florida on why American teens are ‘dumbing down.’ They have interviews where kids don’t recognize photos of Ghandi, and think Gerald Ford invented the car.

Wall Street Journal Article on Privacy Online

Gen On-Demand: How to Connect When Everything Moves at the Speed of the Web
How gaming, virtual worlds and brain mapping is effecting kids.

divide-the-ride.pngDivide the Ride.com
Featured on the TODAY show, this is a great website that encourages carpooling in the Internet age! I love it because it teaches kids to go green, saves time, is better for traffic and helps the environment.

‘Frontline’ on ‘Growing Up Online’
PBS Frontline this week about the gulf between kids who grew up with technology and their parents.

What’s So Great About Social Networking
Here is a video by FORA.tv interviewing the founders of some of the top social networking sites, since we are constantly talking about why teens spend so much time online, I thought this video might be helpful for some of you.

Your Kid’s PSP can now become a very affordable cell phone
This is a bit techy, but if your kid has a PSP, they can now put Skype (a free online telephone service) onto it and make virtually free calls to anyone, anytime, anywhere. This could be a good option for your family if you want cheap cell phones. It could also be a good option for your teen to sneak a phone without you ever knowing.

Marijuana Vending Machines…for real

2 Facebook Updates that Should Make Parents Happy
-The Wall Street Journal announced that it is adding a feature to its Web site that will allow readers to see which Journal stories are popular among that user’s Facebook friends. I think this will encourage more facebookers to read actual news stories as well as their friends ‘news feedfacebook.pngs.’

Facebook is now kicking suspicious people out. Facebook is now kicking people off Facebook who are sending mass emails (spammers), poking people too often (creepsters) writing on too many walls (stalkers) and more. I think this is great, it means it will be kicking off the very people who try to break kids privacy and/or solicit them: Good Job Facebook!

Just for fun: The English to 12 Year-old Translator

Yes, you can type in any sentence and they will translate it to how a 12 year-old aoler would write it. I had fun with it, for example:

My: “I am so happy to be here on Vanessa’s blog”

Supposed 12 year-old aoler: “IM SO HAPY 2 B HERA ON VAENSAS BLOG”

…yup, thats about right.

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