2-1-2008 Friday Round-up

Hello my wonderful readers:

If you were super busy this week, here are some posts you might have missed:

Sample Cell Phone Contract for Kids and Parents
How do you set the rules when you get a new cell phone? Here is my old contract. (following my post:  7 Steps for Parents: Should Your Child Have a Cell Phone?)

[Dear Vanessa] How to stop procrastinating?
Saturday column, Vanessa answers questions from users.  This week was about how to help your child get to projects on time and avoid the pull to put studying off to the last minute.  Submit your questions to her: manager@scienceofpeople.com.

sisters.jpgTween Writes letter to Britney: Why You Are Not Like Buddha
This is just for fun, one of my clients wrote a letter to the rehab center where Britney was staying telling her why she was breaking all of Buddha’s laws and what she needs to do about it.  Its pretty funny.

[GuestPost] 5 Leadership Principles for Parents
Josh Fredenburg wrote a guest post on how parents can encourage their kids to become leaders in their school, community or life.

5 Tips: Get Teens Interested in Politics
It is so important to instill a sense of civic duty with young people and show them why they should care about what is going on in their world. Here are a few ways to get teens interested in the upcoming elections by using tools, lingo and themes that appeal to them.

10 Activity Ideas For Your Teen
Help keep teens out of trouble, here are my brother and I’s favorite activities that our parents planned for us, and tips for you.

[Operation Oprah] My Business Plan and Mission Statement
My readers are my Board of Advisers for my business, here is my interesting update along with my business principles and areas for development.

1-30-2008 Current Parent News Summary
Every week I collect important and relevant news for parents from across the web.

Summary: Frontline’s Growing Up Online
Frontline did a great report on parents and kids in the cyberspace, here I give a brief summary for those who missed it and what I think Frontline left out.

**This week’s “get-to-know-me” picture is me with my gorgeous, fantastic, smart, amazing little sisters.  I adore them and they are one of the major reasons I try to help parents and teens.

Enjoy the Superbowl, everyone remember to vote!



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