2-6-2008 Current Parent News Summary

It is so hard for parents to keep up on important updates that will effect their family in the news and across the web. Here I give a few links and summaries of news and websites of the week that I think families would want to know about. Feel free to forward it around if you think something is relevant to your friends. I get so nervous because technology moves so fast and many teens can stay a step-ahead of parents and parental controls, yet, I truly believe that if we stay informed and help each other, we can keep everyone safe.

CBS News: Changing Laws About Cyberbullying
We read about the Missouri teen who hung herself after an episode of cyberbullying, now parents are calling for a change in federal and state legislation which could be an issue of free speech. Government officials are also looking to include technology classes for Middle Schools and High Schools.

TakingITGlobal is a non-profit website for young people to find inspiration, access information and get involved in improving their local and global communities.

Empower Kids Through Financial Education
This podcast interviews an entrepreneur who says that her family’s discussion of financial savvy helped her succeed as a business owner and what you should teach your kids. Not too long, 27 minutes.

Cartoon Network Ages Their Character 10 to 15, now Targeting Teens
Do your kids watch Cartoon Network? Your teens might start replacing them. Cartoon Network is shifting its focus and moving its programming away from kids! I think this is an uncool move, because younger kids will continue to watch without realizing that the characters are now dealing with more mature issues.

Columbia Journal: Kids Video-chatting over Breakfast
Ok, this was not a shocker to me, but I guess parents still do not realize how often we video-chat. Here is the New York Times Article that revealed teens were using videocams for more than just chatting.

Need help explaining a homework concept to your kid that they just couldn’t get in class? Here are a bunch of videos of teachers explaining everything from square roots to past participles. I think this is a great tool for kids who have different learning techniques than their teacher’s teaching style. parent-news-for-teens-teachertube.png

Endnote: A parent with grown kids gave me her four parenting tips while looking back and I thought they were so succinct and well-put, I re-pasted them here:

“1.) Never be a Friend always be a Parent to your children.

2.) Learn to Listen really listen with out judgment or they will shut up.(This was Hard)

3.) Trust and Honesty need to be constantly developed.

4.) Remember that Peer Pressure (yes its real) is the hardest for a Teen.”

Dream big, work hard and you will get there,



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