5 GTD Tricks for Busy Parents

My mom and dad always seem overwhelmed with chores, dinner, morning routines and driving my siblings and I here there and everywhere. Recently, we decided to streamline many of our sticky areas to save everyone time and headaches! Here are some of our favorite tips:

1) Make a Personalized Calendar:

Planners are great, but when you are making a schedule for more than one person, you need to step it up. With a large pad of white paper, make each piece of paper for one week. Give every family member their own row and color. You will easily be able to synchronize and see everyone’s schedule in one place. Put the board up in a main room. Also leave a small space at the beginning of each day for “To Do”–this way you can write on the board what each family member has to get done (chores, call exterminator, etc) at some point during the day.

2) …

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