Can Valentines Day Be Cool?

Ok, this might be a stretch. I don’t know if you can actually make Valentines Day cool for teens, but there are definitely ways to make it better…and hey, everyone likes an excuse to give and get chocolate! While thinking about my memories of Valentines Day, I was inspired to write this poem for you. I even attached a picture of my heart, lol, ok no just kidding, I am in one of those moods today.

Oh, the memories of High School on Valentines Day.

actual-heart-valentines-day-for-teens.pngThe halls are filled with the scent of cheap drug store chocolate that we got for little pay.

My ears capture the sound of crumpled WebKinz Valentines Day cards, crunch, crunch.

My stomach aches because of all the chocolate at lunch, lunch.

I get a card that asks “Will You Be Mine?”

I wonder if its from the boy I think is so fine.

Maybe he will ask me to the dance, it would be so rad.

Oh, no just kidding, its actually just from my dad.

Can anyone say Haiku-hooray! I must say, I giggled myself silly writing this one. I know, I know, you don’t have to tell me, I was born to write poetry. Moving onto the tips-to-make-Valentines-Day-sorta-cool-but-mostly-just-manageable-for-teens.

vvp-teens-for-valentines-day.jpg1) Chocolate

Maybe this is because Chocolate is the fuel that drives this blog, but we love candy and chocolate so use Valentines Day as an excuse to leave us some of our favorites!

2) Wake-up Baskets

My mom often would leave us little baskets outside of our door in the mornings with a Valentine, chocolate, a heart eraser etc. Even my brother liked his, even if he will never admit it.

3) Avoid Anything Our Friends Might See

Lets be realistic here, getting notes in our lunchbox should probably stop in 5th grade (that is an approximation) if you want to give us something special, unless we have pre-approved it before, please give it to us at home (it will be better for everyone because we will actually say thank you).

4) Get Geeky

Can you say e-card? Send us virtual flowers or if you are a really cool parent you could send us a virtual version of those gross powdery heart shaped candies in a box (what are those things called?!) using Facebook so we don’t have to taste them. I am really just kidding here, please do not send us anything on Facebook…and please do not be on Facebook.

5) Baked Goods

Again, cupcakes, cookies, brownies go nuts! (I actually don’t really like nuts in my brownies, but you know what I mean)



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3 Responses to “Can Valentines Day Be Cool?”

  1. Katy
    February 7, 2008 at 8:18 pm #

    haha, I am on Facebook, and my college daughter added me as her friend!

    Very impressive poetry… :)

  2. Vanessa
    February 8, 2008 at 9:44 am #

    wow, if your kid facebooks you that is totally ok! and actually a very very good sign.

    Thank you for appreciating my amazing poetry skills, I might start adding them to the end of my posts, who knows?

  3. Hasan Odom
    September 6, 2008 at 8:56 am #

    you are beautifulso have a beautiful day!

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