2-8-2008 Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday,

Here is a quick weekly summary for all the busy parents of links of my articles from the week. I hope you find them helpful and relevant for your family.
Starting to Think About Summer Camps and Programs
Some tips and resources for parents to start looking for summer activities.

Saturday Advice Column: What is Positive Parenting

2-6-2008 Current Parent News Summary: My weekly round-up of news that affect parents from around the web, this week teasers:
-Laws change on cyberbullying
-TeacherTube: Is your child having trouble learning something, and you can’t explain it? Let thousands of other teachers try with their explanation videos and demos.
-Taking It Global: New Non-profit website to encourage kids to volunteer and build a community around helping *My Featured Website*
-Cartoon Network is shifting away from 10 year-olds and changing the ages of its show characters to age 15!
….and more of course

Explaining the Net-Gen in Parent-Friendly Terms Series I am now writing a Series of articles following Frontline’s ‘Growing Up Online’
Here is my first post of the series: For Parents: What is YouTube?…and why kids use it.

Can Valentines Day Be Cool?
This might be a stretch, but I wrote a poem for you! (Including some tips on remind your teen you love them)

5 Get-Things-Done Tricks for Busy Parents
Everyone can use more time during the day, but parents are especially cramped for free time! Here are some vanessa-graduation-029.jpguntraditional ways you can snatch back a few needed moments.

I am always open to suggestions on post topics! And feel free to email me personal questions, I am here to talk!

**Get-to-know-me-pic of the week: I got a few parents asking me about my time at college and where I went etc, so I thought I would post this from May when I graduated from Emory, woohoo, I was so so so done with school at this point.  You see me? I am in the middle of the row!

Dream big, work hard and you will get there.


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