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photo-7.jpgWelcome new readers and visitors! This week I will be having a few guest posts, and I have written some articles for other popular blogs, so….I want to list some of my most popular articles!

What Do Teens Today Really Worry About? The Top 5 Issues Revealed
Teens talk all the time, but they never seem to talk to parents or adults about what is really bothering them. What do teens talk about? What worries them and why are they not telling parents?

The Sex Talk: 6 Things Parents Must Know
Straight from the mouths of teens, what parents should consider before giving the sex talk.

7 Steps for Parents: Should You Get Your Child a Cell Phone?
Between texting, internet searching, Youtube and cell phone games you need to make sure your child is protected. There are also some great new phones that can help you be a better parent.

10 Activity Ideas For Your Teen
Help keep teens out of trouble, here are my brother and I’s favorite activities that our parents planned for us.

5 Tips: Get Teens Interested in Politics
It is so important to instill a sense of civic duty with young people and show them why they should care about what is going on in their world. Here are a few ways to get teens interested in the upcoming elections by using tools, lingo and themes that appeal to them.

…and for kicks, be sure to read my Valentines Day post (I actually attempted to write a poem for you)

Can Valentines Day Be Cool?

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