2-13-2008 Parent News Summary

Washington Post: Study Shows Social Sites Are Safer than Iming
Even though 15% of kids experience unwanted sexual solicitation online, most of the unwanted solicitation actually happens in chat rooms and via instant messaging, not on Facebook or Myspace!

MTV is Investing Heavily Online Gaming
Do your kids watch MTV? If they do, they might soon be playing MTV, execs are now building a huge online gaming component to their network and website.

Microsoft’s DigiGirlz High Tech Summer Camps
I posted earlier about some ideas for summer camps and I think computer camp is not only a great activity, but will help teach kids to use computers responsibly (and it doesn’t have to keep coming from you!)

teen-parent-news-digsby.pngCool: Way to Link All IMs with email, Facebook, MySpace
Ever wondered how your kids were able to manage four thousand different accounts and friends? Well, now it will be much easier for you or your kids. Digsby is a website that gives people a way to organize their contacts from Yahoo Messenger, AOL IM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Windows Live Messenger, as well as e-mail, Facebook, and MySpace.com in a single place..the Internet is taking over!

Trend: HadtoSay.com
In honor of Valentines Day coming up, lots of teens are using this new site to send each other anonymous video messages. Could be cute for you too?

Viral Teen Video: Bill Gates Last Day at Microsoft:


This video is really funny and young people are especially clicking away because it is peppered with celebrity cameos.

Kindo.com Can Social Networking Actually Be Good For Your Family?
Here you can track what your family is doing, share photos and plan events.

Business Week: MySpace Generation Fed Up?
Time on social networking sites is dropping and the ad clickthroughs are not good.


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