2-15-2008 Friday Round-Up

Have you seen it yet? I have a new About Page video and description! Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think.

I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day, and read my Valentines Day poem for you from last week:

Can Valentines Day Be Cool?

Here are the rest of the posts from the week:

vanessa-frog.jpg4 Ways to De-Stress Your Teen
For the Healthy Living Lounge Blog, I discuss how parents can help their teens and kids manage the everyday stress of school, college, peer pressure and growing up.

Teaching Teens About Homosexuality and LGBT Issues 
Awesome post by my guest blogger Dana from Mombian blog.  Really informative post about kids and sexuality.

(from my Explaining the Net-Generation in Parent-Friendly Terms Series:)

For Parents: What is Social Networking, Facebook and MySpace?
This is a must read if your kids are starting to dabble in these online communities. It is part of my series on Growing Up Online.

A Parent’s Perspective to Social Networking [Guest Post]
How has another parent dealt with the social networking phenomenon. I loved how Katy, my guest blogger handled the situation with her child.

Weekly Parent News Summary
Viral Video: Bill Gates last day at work, social networking sites are safer than IM’s, website to send anonymous messages to anyone, and much more…

What My Dad Taught Me About Money
For the Money and Allowance Blog, here I talk about the four lessons my dad taught me about saving, spending and working…and how you can use them in your family.

How Parents Can Help Teens with Acne [Advice Column]

Remembering Heath Ledger: Lessons For Teens
How do you explain accidental prescription drug overdose to teens who adored Heath? Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about this growing prescription drug use trend.

I will be in San Francisco this weekend! Have no fear, I already have two posts timestamped to go up while I am gone…and they are pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Continue the Valentines Day Lovefest this weekend!


**Image: I met this crazy guy in Australia in a bar where they were having frog races and while I was taking a picture holding one, this guy came up and dangled it right in front of my face…and snap, the picture captured this brilliant moment.

(no animals were harmed in the filming of this picture)


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