[Advice Column] Is Your Child Dealing Urine?

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teens-dealing-urine-for-pot.jpg“I have heard that some teens are making money by selling urine, is this true!?”

I know, you freaked out when you saw this title.  Its true, urine dealing is a pretty profitable teen business right now.  A bit more underground than the pot dealing business, but I felt obligated to post about this on my blog because I want to keep my readers informed on everything and anything going on with us.

Imagine if you are in High School, imagine you are a top player on the basketball team, imagine you smoked some pot at a after-dance house party, imagine you know you are about to be drug tested and if you fail, you get kicked off the team.  What would you do?

What many teens are doing is going to urine dealers–usually other students who have access to clean urine.  The teen urine dealer who alerted me to this ‘profession’, lets call him Tom, has two younger brothers who pee into cups whenever the urge calls.  He keeps a cooler under his bed and whenever athletes call him and ask for ‘yellow gold’ he delivers it to them and athletes/teen job applicants/students with pushy parents pretend it is theirs for the drug testing.

So yes, it happens.  I would not say it is hugely prevelant because, luckily, many kids who ‘need’ this service do not know a urine dealer.  Yet, it is important for parents to know about this aspect of the pot and drug culture ad that drug testing might not always work.

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