2-20-2008 Weekly News Summary for Parents

The Economist Calls Hannah Montanna the “UnBritney”
I personally love the Hannah Montanna trend because she seems pretty wholesome and down to earth. here the Economist compares Miley Cyrus to Britney Spears.

USAtoday: Youths Are More Comfortable with Online Shopping
current-parent-news-cocaine.jpg Not really all that newsworthy, but a good reminder to parents to teach kids about the proper use of credit cards online.

Energy Powder That Looks Like Cocaine….seriously.
I am actually horrified, whoever came up with this idea should be smacked. This energy powder looks like cocaine and comes included with a rolled up dollar bill and a fake credit card…talk about making drugs cool.

iFob: Encouraging Kids to Mingle with Anyone, Anywhere.
Imagine that your kids can go to the mall and message anyone and everyone who is at the same place and meet up with them…if they have an iPhone, now they can. This social networking software is downloadable to iPhones. iFob is a network to find other people to hang out with wherever you are as a sort of ‘phone ice breaker.’

*iFob is the kind of news that I really like to post for parents. My feeling is kids know about these things months and even years before parents, if your kid has an iPhone, you will now be prepared early.

LA Times: High school decides vagina image is ‘distasteful’
A school newspaper decides to make its Valentine’s Day issue a Vagina Day issue and focuses on violence against women…which included a textbook image of an actual vagina. The school then removed all newspapers from campus.

New Yorker: article about ‘Why Kids Lie’

Inside the mind of the boy dating your daughter
This article is a funny look at teen boys.

current-parent-news-nick.pngNick and Disney are Going Into the Parenting World
How much do you hate watching teen or tween shows? Well not media companies are buying up parenting sites.

Disney Gets Virtual With Online Studios for Kids
As if we need more social networks, Disney is creating a brand new series of websites with virtual games, social networks and avatar worlds for kids.

Newsweek: Retouching kids’ school photos
Oh yes, a few of the kids I mentor got theirs retaken and retouched multiple times….


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