Meghan McCain vs Chelsea Clinton

This post if part of the Youth Media Blog-a-Thon, to motivate young people to get interested in Politics.

In this election, the youth vote is so important. It is so important, that campaigning is a true family event. Meghan McCain and Chelsea Clinton are working fervently behind the scenes supporting their parents. Let’s look at Meghan first.


McCain Blogette, Meghan’s blog follows her and her dad along the campaign trail. Addressing very few actual political issues, McCain talks about fashion, music and the social scene appealing to other 20-somethings.

Meghan McCain tries to make John look…cool? Fox News did a special on her and her interview shows her sleeping on the campaign bus, cleaning up trash after reporters, talking about Aviator sunglasses and kissing her dad goodnight. Meghan’s platform is ‘the unofficial champion of youth’ talking about some political issues….but mostly just young girl stuff. I don’t know how much she can help McCain, but it sure can’t hurt.


I agree Mr. MSNBC man, give Chelsea a break! At least she is actually talking about politics, unlike Blogette above. Although, as a huge supporter of Internet tools, I am a little disappointed that I could not find a ‘Chelsea’s Corner’ or ‘Chelsea Campaigns’ blog. Come on, Chelsea, get with the times, if you want to get the young vote like Meghan, you are going to have to get online.

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