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Today, I am participating in the first “Youth Media Blog-a-Thon”. Bloggers from all over the nation are coming together to push kids to get interested in current issues and politics. As you know, I think it is so important for youth to have role models and to see other young people getting informed and being passionate. I am reposting some of my political articles with some new additions.

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Why Young People Like Obama

Obama is creating a mass following of net-generation teen, pre-teen and millennial young people. Many parents ask me: Why do teens and young people love Obama? Here are the reasons I think that Obama strikes a strong chord with our generation.

**Please note, this is not an endorsement of Obama, just an explanation of this trend–I prefer to keep my own political opinions out of this blog, but thought it is an important issue to talk about!

1) Obama is young

We like Obama because he does not feel as far away from our own reality as many of the other candidates. He feels young, he feels fresh and therefore he is relatable to us.

2) Obama lets youth feel important

Talk about a grass roots campaign! Obama asks us, begs us, and gives incentives to youth for speaking out on his behalf because he tells us we matter! Many of my friends are practically begging to campaign for him and he makes us feel great about helping him. He thanks us and reinforces the importance of the young vote—we love feeling important.

3) Obama pushes change, which feels like a challenge, which feels exciting

Obama constantly talks about change, new beginnings and his untainted background. We love be a part of something that is new, exciting and a little counter-revolutionary or daring, so we jump on his band wagon!

4) Obama loves net-generation tools (the internet)

Obama is all over the web, he has YouTube videos, online platforms, chat rooms and a blog. Many other candidates have these as well, but Obama focused his campaign on the online community early and with full force. We love tackling and reading all of his online aspects and feel he is speaking to us in our language.

5) Obama is good looking

Isn’t there some research done that the most attractive candidate always wins? Well, Obama has grasped the votes and hearts of many young women. Obama girl flaunts her crush on Obama and has a following of her own.

Obama Girl on MSNBC:


In this election especially, the young vote is important and Obama has captured the fascination and support of our generation.

Stay Informed,


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