2-22-2008 Your Friday Round-Up

Parent-Kid Contracts: Tips and Samples
Driving contracts, limiting family time, curfews, cell phones, what online services are available to you and how to make your own for your family.

Can Schools Keep Up With Their Net-Gen Students?
I asked readers this week to give me a feedback if they would be interested in a series of posts about how  I think schools can keep kids interested when they are used to everything so fast paced.

How to Handle Social Networking With Your Kids
This is the third post in my series about Kids Online: Workshop Presentation where I give parents and kids a really basic explanation of teens and the Internet from a younger perspective. 

image-vanessa-van-petten.jpg2-20-2008 Weekly News Summary for Parents
Candy meant to be snorted like cocaine, Hannah Montanna is the UnBritney and get ready for iFob (watch out if your child has an iPhone…)

Youth Media Blog-a-Thon
Bloggers from all over the nation are coming together to inspire kids to get interested in current issues and politics. As you know, I think it is so important for youth to have role models and to see other young people getting informed and being passionate. I have reposted a series of my political articles and from other bloggers.

Why Young People Like Obama
Why is Obama getting so many young people who are begging to campaign for him?

Meghan McCain vs Chelsea Clinton
How two young women are campaigning and inspiring other youth.

Teens Dealing Clean Urine For Money
We have all heard of teens dealing pot, but how about clean urine along with that dime bag? Many teens are making a lucrative business selling younger siblings urine from under-the-bed coolers.

**Get-to-know-me image of the week:  I got to take a really cool tour of the white house and this is me with my nifty badge!

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