Win! Microsoft Student with Encarta

I am finally cool enough so companies are sending me their products to review. = ) Microsoft Student with Encarta is one I actually wanted for my teen sisters and they gave me one free download to test out and one for my readers! Hooray! (thats you)

teen-homework-help.pngSo, I downloaded Microsoft Student Encarta last weekend and had my sisters play around with it while I watched (they have the real homework) and they really liked it. In fact, I liked it for researching some of my political posts this week. Basically, its a program that comes with a bunch of features in all the different academic areas like languages, math problem solving, writing skills, dictionaries. What I love is that it teaches kids how to tackle homework in general with planning assignments and projects.

Here is more information about it, but it helps students complete homework with web links, book summaries and computer help. It is a little overwhelming just because there are so many resources. My sisters loved that they could actually ‘play’ around with their homework…any program that does that has to be worthwhile!

I think this could be really good for parents who are not always home when kids are doing homework and they might need extra help. So, I am giving away a free one! Please submit a comment below if you would “love to have a Microsoft Student with Encarta!”

And I will do a random drawing in the next few days and email the winner. I love giving you guys free stuff that I think will genuinely help your family…makes me happy = )

Have a great Saturday,


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  1. I would love to have this for my twins. I have a really rotten disease & am shut in most of the time which makes it hard when my kids have homework which requires more than just the basics we have at home. So this would be greatly appreciated. Also I l wanted to say that I just found your site & I love it. I pan to read every word that is this very informative site.
    Thanks for shareing.

  2. Congratulations Kathy! I will be sending you the free download of his software! Thanks all for participating, stay tuned, I will try to be doing more free giveaways.

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