2-27-2008 Weekly News Summary for Parents

depressed-teen.pngPsychotherapy Drugs to Help Depressed Teens 

NYTimes: Fewer Teens are Driving at 16
Less youth are driving as early as they can! Tighter state laws, higher insurance costs and less school-run driver education to expensive private driving academies. I also think parents are cracking down and making kids wait!

Phil Collins Daughter to Host News Show on Nick
Lily Collins to host a pop culture news show on Nickelodeon

Want to Read Your Kid’s Deleted Text Messages?
Now there is a gadget that lets you….

Angsty Teens Have a Different Brain Structure
A study published Monday found that teens who regularly get into fights with their parents have significantly different brain structures than their more laid-back peers.

Teen Word of the Week: “Griefer”

Wikipedia: “A griefer is a slang term used to describe a player in a multiplayer video game who plays the game simply to cause grief to other players through harassment. Griefing is a malignant form of emergent gameplay.”

At a recent griefer incident on Second Life, a griefer released a virtual bomb where penises and other offensive symbols rained down on other users.

current-parent-news-summary-children-in-media.png Diary of Showbiz Parents
Children in film produces this ridiculous interesting blog about a family who is trying to get their kids in the movies.


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