Mischa Barton Arrested: How to Tell Your Kids

It has been reported that Mischa Barton has been arrested in West Hollywood for driving recklessly,  without a license, under the mischabarton.gifinfluence of alcohol AND for possession of marijuana.

Wow, just when I thought there could be no more starlets who would set a bad example… This is something that all the teens are talking about right not and it is important to use the opportunity to talk to them about drugs and alcohol..and driving recklessly and driving under the influence.

These are a few tips about how to approach your kids with Mischa Barton’s arrest and misbehavior for a refresher before you get in the car to pick your kids up from school today:

1)    Ask Questions
Before you dive into telling them why Mischa Barton has been arrested and ruined her life/offended authorities/set a bad example, try to gauge their own opinions. Most of the teens I talk to already know how stupid Mischa’s troubled behavior is, so save yourself the lecture and show them that you can openly talk about it.

2) Don’t Lecture!
If you think we are doing pot, dabbling in pot, seeing it at parties or just want to talk to us about it, please talk, don’t lecture.  I promise, we have heard all of the negative sides to smoking weed in health class.  As soon as you start lecturing us, we stop listening.  So, instead of approaching it like a health teacher, ask questions and let us come to our own conclusion, usually we know what is right or wrong, and if we feel like you are talking to us about it, not at us, at least we will come to you if we have questions or problems down the road.

3)    Listen to the Answers
Most times, when I hear parents talk to their kids, parents do ask questions, but then answer the questions themselves.

For example, this ‘question’ comes out like this (say aloud in your best mommy voice):

“Did you hear about Mischa Barton getting arrested? She had pot on her too? Did you know she was a partier? Can you believe she was driving drunk? You would never do that right? I would be so horrified? How reckless, don’t you think that is reckless!?”

Well, if you do this you have missed your opportunity to hear our honest reaction and thoughts, because you have already told us yours.

4) Sober Up:

No pun intended.  Many parents think that “oh its a celebrity thing, my kid would never do this.” I am going to be straight here, many kids drive drunk or under the influence of marijuana because they do not want to get in trouble for staying at a friends house or not being able to drive home.  It happens.  A lot.

5) Get Informed: 

Be prepared to have this discussion with your kids, get to know the current pot and alcohol culture.

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