2-29-2008 Friday Round-Up

Good Morning!

I was inspired this week and wrote a lot of articles, I am going to try to pace myself and was told to limit my articles to one per day = ( so my readers can keep up with me. But, there are some great ones from this week!

Car Rides with Teens
How to handle long car rides with kids and teens. Ideas for car games.

interesting-articles-for-parents.jpg4 Ways to Minimize Your Teen’s Stress
Teen’s are stressed with school, social life, academics, college, resume, family, sports and lots and lots of pressure. Here are a few ways parents can help teens deal.

2-27-2008 Weekly News Summary
Psychotherapy drugs for depressed teens, how to read deleted text messages, new teen problem: Greifers, Angsty kids have different brain structures, and as always much more…

Win! Microsoft Student With Encarta
I have one download to give away, enter a comment for a chance to win it!

Beverly Hills Manners Class: Etiquette for Teens and Tweens?
Whatever happened to teaching kids manners everyday?
6 Steps to Lighten Your Student’s Backpack
I know, your kids backpack is bigger than them, and they refuse to get a rollybag. Here are a few cool and totally doable options to lighten the load.

What is RSS and Why Parents Need It
Ever wonder what it means when I ask you to RSS to my feed? Here, I explain in simple terms and explain why it could be an option for busy or out-of-touch parents.

Are Girls Too Image Conscious?
Eating disorders, body image and materialism are all becoming huge problems for teen and tween girls now that the media is at a click of a finger. Here, I discuss the pros, cons and consequences of ‘glamour parties.’

Mischa Barton Arrested! How to Tell Your Kids
How do you explain that a teen role model has been charged with a DUI, pot possession, reckless driving, and driving without a license to your adoring teen?

11 Strategies: If Your Teen is Smoking Pot
Have you found evidence of pot in your kid’s room? Are his friends smoking? Here are 11 ideas and tactics to approach your teen.

Have a wonderful weekend!

FYI- I am in the process of writing an ebook…because I still cannot find a publisher, so I decided to just write another one on my own, all about Teens Online. So stay tuned! I feel bad charging for it. So, against my parents advice I will probably give it away for free to all of my email subscribers. Let me know if you have any ideas on this, otherwise get excited for it!

Dream big, work hard and you will get there,

*Get to know me picture of the week: Vanessa riding in a Biplane from Newport Beach to San Diego, CA


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