What Are the Best Mom Blogs?

I frequently get asked by parents for other blogs they ‘should be reading.’ Last week, many of you have noticed I put together a Parent Resources page listing some of my favorite parenting resources and sites. Yet, I decided there should be a special category for mom blogs. I have some personal favorites, but wanted to open it up to the readers to submit the best mom blogs for review. I will then put together a post featuring for the top 10 mom blogs on the web!

Excited yet!? Don’t worry, I will be doing dad blogs, teen blogs, kid blogs and podcasts, so start compiling your list. I like to feature other bloggers because I think that not only are many blogs extremely well written, but also informative about current issues going on for families.


1) Blog: A Website on which an individual or group of people write articles, posts videos or narratives.

2) Mom Blog:
A blog, or blog part of a larger website that is contributed to, created, or written by a mom or moms.

3) The content of the blog must have something (anything) to do with families, parenting, kids, or teens…

4) Submit the web address, the name of the blog and why you think it should make the top ten to:

Vvanpetten (at) rrules (dot) com

5) Submit your Mom Blog by:

Thursday: 3-13-2008

*You can submit your own blog! And I will be adding many of the submitted blogs I like to my new resource page! Check it out.

0 thoughts on “What Are the Best Mom Blogs?”

  1. Hi Vanessa,

    Your headline caught my eye as I was doing an internet search. Have you ever checked out MomBlogNetwork.com ?

    I signed up my blog and encourage others to do the same. I’ve gotten more traffic, and it’s a great way to find other good mom blogs. :)

  2. Hi Sally

    Really? I will be sure to check it out. I do not know if I could submit mine because I am not a mom, but maybe I could because I have a lot of mom readers! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi, this is my blog, it’s a site for cute mama, kids, home, baby, and fashion stuff. The catch to this site is that everything highlighted is for about $35 or less, but still boutique-style cute. I had to at least try and submit it right? I think it’s really great. :)

  4. Hi there. I have a mom blog (http://stimeyland.blogspot.com). It’s about raising three boys, one of whom was recently diagnosed on the autism spectrum. It’s meant to be funny and honest. This is a great idea. I’d also recommend Autism Vox as a great read on this subject.

  5. Hey Vanessa! Thanks for putting this list together.

    I’d like to submit my blog for consideration:


    It’s got a lot about parenting in it – with a goodly dose of humor – although I do also occasionally write about my endless fascination with end of the world scenarios. You know, just for the comedic potential.

  6. Hi Vanessa-

    Please consider the parent-to-parent blog “Decoder: Breaking Down Teen Culture, Substance Abuse and Parenting” It tackles the real, everyday issues we face in raising healthy teens.


  7. Hi Vanessa! My site is called “Telling It Like It Is” and is a blog about parenting children and teens, relationships, marriage, dating, divorce, abuse of all kinds, caring for elderly parents and much more. I believe my site would fit well in your category of mom blogs. :)

  8. Wow! I am new to your site, Vanessa, and am EXTREMELY impressed! I work with many parents of teens and will be sure to pass your site on to them as another resource to help them understand how teens tick. Keep doing what you are doing!

    Oh, and my site is http://www.thementormom.com. I’d be honored to be on your resource list :)

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