Helping Your Teen Take Care of Their Skin [Guest Post]

This is a guest post from the lovely Zorica Denton, former model and creator of a natural skin-care line.  You can see more info at

I believe there’s connection between our self-esteem and our self image. Being a teenager is the most difficult time in our children’s lives. These are times when they need our support and guidance the most. Among’s many issues that we can help them with, knowing how to take care of there skin is very important.

Simple is Better
*When it comes to taking care of the skin, simple is better. Cleaning their skin properly is very important.
Have them clean their face morning and night with a gentle cleanser. A good cleanser will re
teens-and-skin-for-parents.jpgmove make up and dirt leaving their skin fresh, clean and hydrated.

*Using a moisturizer daily, will keep their skin hydrated, especially if you live in a very cold or dry climate.
I would suggest one light moisturizing cream that can be used morning and night all over face, neck and eye area.

*As much as they enjoy being out in the sun, it is one of major causes of premature aging and even worse, skin cancer. Even if they tan without burning, they are not escaping the sun’s damaging affects. The deeper they tan, the more damage they get. Doctor’s suggest that everyone should use sunscreen with a least SPF 15. The higher the number the more protection they get.

Diet and Skin
*Healthy body and young looking skin depends on a balancing diet of nutritious food. Encourage them to try low cholesterol high fiber diet. A great variety of fresh fruits and vegetable are always available.

*Drinking plenty of water is the best thing that they can do for their skin.

*Benefits from exercise are great, it helps increase circulation and brings nutrients to organs and cells.

Encourage your teenager with these simple steps, when they start seeing the results, they will be inspired to do them often.

A basic fact to remember when buying beauty products, is that the cosmetic industry has a habit of profiting from human vanity and insecurity. Expensive products with complicated regimes are not better.


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