3-7-2008 Friday Round-Up

Good day wonderful readers, I hope you had a lovely week, enjoy the posts below in case you missed them:

Recession Proofing Your Kids
Can you teach your kids to cut back on the extra’s without freaking them out about money? Here are some easy ways to save.

Best Mom Blog Contest
I am doing a review of all of the best mom blogs on the web, if you want to submit your website or anyone else, you have a few more days!

Helping Your Teen Take Care of Their Skin
This is a guest post written by a fabulous skin care professional for moms and daughters about skin care basics.

n2601492_31124482_874.jpgCheating: Teen’s Unspoken Rules
Here I identify what is happening in High Schools right now and the unspoken rules of the cheating epidemic.

10 Important Things I wish Kids Knew About Their Parents
Great guest post by Kevin Geary!

3-5-2008 Weekly News Summary for Parents
Children of divorced households, Gen yers make bad employees, obesity is now considered neglect, spanking that causes sexual disfunction later in life!

10 Ways to Help Your Teen Tackle Any Problem
Big tests, finals, divorce, break-ups, teens need to learn how to deal and parents can help them handle stress and problems in positive ways.

**Get-to-know-me-pic of the week is me with some adorable kids when I was in XinJiang, China. These are Uigher kids who were amazing and we all played jump rope.


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