3-12-2008 Weekly News Summary for Parents

Parents Use New Device to Limit Kid’s Screen Time
Children can reduce body mass index when parents start to monitor and limit screen time with this device.

My Video: This is an older video explaining part of my post: Why Kids Use Social Networks, that I didnt put with the actual post because it was too long, but you can watch my additional points (that I usually talk about in my presentations) below:


Buzz Worthy: 2 Million Minutes
Is a really cool looking documentary by Robert A. Compton and Chad Heeter, comparing how students in India spend their 2 million minutes in High School compared to American kids. I really want a copy of the DVD, but am too cheap to order it…anyone have any insight?

Juicy Campus
Have you been hearing about the website that allows users to post gossip and mean comments about fellow students on their college campus? This is it. The creator should be punished.

Gaurdian: Homework and TV Are Both Losing to Social Networks

NYT: Schools Using Monetary Compensation in School

NYTimes: Boys and Girls in Separate Classrooms?

LA Times: No Cussing Club in Pasadena Explodes Nationwide

5 Tips to Keep Your College Student Safe
A good one from MomLogic.

Don’t Have Family Meals? Your Kids Will Have Bad Manners
Study by the Press Association on what we have been talking about when I posted about the Beverly Hills Manners Class.

WSJ: Companies are Now Providing School Curriculum for Many Public Schools

Are Cell Phones Empowering Women to Take More Risks
Young women feel more confident to go into risky situations and places because they feel ‘safe; with their cell phone.


PS- I have sooo any news articles and stories I think you would be interested in, but I do not want to make these too long, but I also feel bad cutting out news for the sake of cutting it. Would you rather have me pick the important stuff and have it short, or let you choose and make it long?


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  1. Gabe
    March 12, 2008 at 6:10 am #

    Long is fine and appreciated, provided that there is some explanation to help sort out the articles. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Vanessa
    March 14, 2008 at 9:10 am #

    This is a really good idea! I will start to add some subsections, thanks!

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