3-14-2008 Friday Round-Up

Don’t forget to Mark Your Calendar
Tomorrow (March 15th) at the Girls Empowerment Center in Westlake on Girls and Leadership
March 19th and 29th at the Culver City library about Teens Online

vanessa-van-petten-china.jpg10 Things Kids Wish Their Parents Do
This is a must read for any parents!

4 Everyday Tips From A Child of Divorce
Here I talk about my experiences growing up in a divorced family and what parents can do to make their kids lives a little bit easier.

You Need a Parenting Community
Why parents need to work together to get informed and how they can begin to form parent groups

Have You Thought About HomeSchooling?
This is a great guest post from Tracy Liebmann.
3-12-2008 Parent News Summary
An old video of mine on why kids love social networking, new device to limit kid’s screen time, schools now using monetary compensation…

I Used My Allowance to Trademark My Company
Here I talk about all of the legal stuff I needed to do to start this website and publish my book, as another Operation Oprah post for young entrepreneurs.

**02 Max I was recently approached by the most amazing woman, Karen Jashinsky, while speaking at Santa Monica High School. For those parents in the Los Angeles area, she has started a gold mine for teens and I had to post about it. She started O2 Max as an activity center for teens to encourage teens to stay safe after school and be active. She has pilates machines, a gym and hosts activities actually recommended by the teens themselves. Please, please check her out I love her message.

Get-To-Know-Me-Image of the Week: I know you are totally freaked out by this pic of me.  I actually was a Mandarin and International Studies major in college! I lived in China for eight months and took a bunch of traditional pictures.  I always look at this and think I look so weird and people do not even realize it is me at first!

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