3-19-2008 Weekly News Summary For Parents

MSNBC: Teens Who Skip Breakfast Are Fatter


MSNBC: Stereotype Wrong! Girls Like Science and Math

Second Life is Going to Teach Nutrition Habits
My friends at Marks Daily Apple just wrote about how virtual worlds are trying to teach a positive message.

Huffington Post: Scent-free schools Schools are beginning to ban scents.

26% of Teen Girls Have an STD

NYT: New Facebook Application Honesty Box
Leading to cyberbullying

Newsweek: Cyberbullying

New Drug: “The New LSD” that is legal in most states

Stories of Interest

NYT: Never Too Young For Your First Pedicure

How to Fly With Kids
Tips for going on trips with kids

Is Your Child a Tagger?

Great List of Resources for Families Who Are Dealing with Homosexuality

Great Website for Motivational Teens

iParenting: Teaching Tween Girls About Deoderant

Help Kids Learn to Build Muscles Naturally
It’s not ‘addiction’ Texting might not be an addiction.

WSJ: How Involved Should Parents Be in the Admissions Process?

My Pick of the Week:

On My Own Two Feet
I recently had the opportunity to meet and interview Manisha Thakor. She wrote this book with Sharon Kedar for women to learn how to be financially independent and strong. I love her message especially for younger girls, as I talk to the girls I mentor about respecting themselves and being proud to be independent.

My News:

Leadership Interview
Scott Asai interviewed me for his leadership blog on inspiring young people…as you know, my favorite topic!

Remember I am speaking tonight at the Culver City Public Library (6:30pm) and on march 29th (3pm).


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