How Violence Has Changed Today

girl-domestic-violence.jpgAgain I am participating in the Youth Media Blog-a-thon to raise awareness about youth and violence.  The monthly Youth Media Blog-a-Thons aims to virtually connect the youth media community by asking them to respond to one topic and to engage with each other.

“Recent polls have shown that the number one issue for young people – especially in California – is violence, but the Presidential candidates rarely address this.”

I think that that violence is a big issue for many teens and youth today.  I have posted before about how I feel about the recent mass school shootings and how parents, teachers and everyone needs to be more aware of what is causing teens to become violent with their emotions.

While writing this post, I decided to address how violence has changed and what causes violence today:

1)  Boredom causes violence.

Here is a video of me talking to parents about helping kids come up with safe activities.  Unfortunately I think that many teens (some of my guy friends did) will get violent simply because they are bored and want to ’cause trouble.’

2)  Cyberbullying incites violence.

How could it not? There is so much online interaction and often negative relations, that when students finally get offline, they are pent up and many of their actions online could have been misinterpreted–causing anger, frustration and violence.  Here I discuss how cyberbullying is carried out and what people can do about it.

3) Drugs and alcohol can impair judgement to cause violence.

Many would argue (and have posted on my YouTube videos) that pot makes people calmer and more peaceful.  Whether pot incites violence or not, drugs and alcohol impair judgement and alter natural emotions causing people to act out of the ordinary.

4) Racism and prejudice cause violence.

Here is a post about how parents and teachers can talk to their students about racism and how it is the cause of many heinous and violent crimes today.

I also interviewed a former gang member about this topic and what gang culture is like today.

How can we help? Being aware of these causes.  Always finding other people to talk tofriends, family members, teachers, school counselors, coaches, mentors, colleagues and telling youth about these outlets.  Helplines and therapists can help:

-Suicide Prevention Hotline 877 727 4747
-Yellow Ribbon Hotline 800 273 8255
-Safe Alternatives 800 366 8288

If a student ever feels lonely, a therapist is always a good option to get professional help, especially if the depression or feelings come from a chemical imbalance.  There are also great communities of other teens, parents, therapists where teens or young adults can ask questions meet other people in crisis and even help others. Also, I would like to keep my door wide open, if any teen ever needs help or someone to go to I am more than happy to talk to you or give you some information for help.


Stay Informed,

Vanessa Van Petten 

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