Free Give-Away! 02 MaxFitness Summer Challenge

vvp-running.jpgI am constantly plagued by the thought that teenagers are becoming less and less active. I have posted about how parents can motivate their teens to exercise.

Recently, I have been posting about how I am trying to motivate my sister, her friends and my mentorees to get more active and workout, etc. I was contacted by 02MaxFitness, which is an amazing program for teens where they have a hang-out after-school to stay safe, be active and connect with mentors and each other. I decided to go there with some of my mentorees here in LA and train and join in their activities.

It has been an amazing experience and wanted to share the resource with you. When I told Karen Jashinsky about my idea to get other teens motivated about their health she:

1) Gave me 2 free two week guest passes to her facility in Santa Monica, CA

Please do email me why you think your or your teen would love the pass at vvanpetten (at) rrules (dot) com.

2) Told me about how my non-LA based readers can join in. She has a program (genius) called the Prom/Summer Shape-Up Challenge.


So, I am doing the training videos with my girls to help us all get in shape. I try to practice what I preach.

You should join the summer shape-up challenge with your son or daughter, it is a great way to bond and is a good way to stay healthy and help their self-esteem this summer!

Every Friday I will be posting my status update and a blog entry on how my teens and I are doing so you can follow along!


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