What Do You Do Everyday? [Advice Column]

I get the following questions all the time:

What do you do everyday? (parents and teens)

How do you have time/energy to write so much? (parents)

What do you do as an entrepreneur/blogger? (parents and teens)

So, here I decided to tell you what I do everyday because…some of you seem a little interested, and why not? Also writing this post has been sort of theraputic in a weird way. It also has been sort of sobering that I need to find more ‘fun’ time. Although, I am very lucky that I actually do have fun with my work.

My friends and family tell me I am crazily (this is not necessarily positive) efficient. So, maybe by posting my daily habits to be able to manage all that I do, others will learn from it! My friend, Leo Babuata of Zen Habits and my hero, Tim Ferriss, of the 4 Hour Work Week would not be pleased because I have neither zen, nor four hours of work time per week…someday guys!



This might not be healthy, but I always have six running To Do lists.

Daily task log: usually numbered in order of priority

Long-term to do list: not emergencies and usually larger projects

Post to do list: posts to write for the week

Marketing action list: websites/bloggers/companies I need to cold email or call, (this is my least favorite to do list)

Not To Do List: I tend to be constantly busy, and sometimes get sucked into doing meaningless tasks just because I feel I have to fill-up my time and be ‘productive.’

Goals: This is broken down into two other lists (Weekly and Long-Term)

Average Daily Schedule

6:45am: Wake-up to my iPhone

6:45am: Check Google Analytics stats, blog comments and any urgent emails.

7:15am: Breakfast (usually gluten-free waffle and yogurt), get dressed

7:45am: Drive to the gym, cardio and weights

9am: Shower, do 1 hour of emails

10am: Phone calls, write posts, manage blog comments/do videos

12pm: Trampoline and Lunch (usually chicken salad or soup)

12:30pm: Daily project

2:30pm: check email

3:30pm: Clients/meetings

6:30pm: Make dinner

7:30pm: Read Google Reader (all of my subscriptions to magazines and newspapers)

-97 Parent blogs and sites

-New York Times, Wall Street Journal, PR Web, Time, Newsweek

-Google Alerts for my name, my book, rrules etc

-17 Fun Blogs and Sites on cooking, health, Los Angeles activities…

9:o0pm: Watch movie on our projector and get yogurt, check Facebook, StumbleUpon and all of my other social networking sites.

10:30pm: Journal and bed!

*Of course, this does not include days where I have interviews or speaking engagements.

My Favorite Multi-Tasks

(this is horrible, but I should just come clean)

  • I listen to books on tape when I drive
  • I listen to podcasts when I clean up
  • I watch teen shows to talk to my clients when I chop for dinner
  • I review Chinese vocab in the shower (I put my old flashcards in ziplocs and tape them to the shower door)

So, this is it! I am a bit of a health nut because I love to workout and eat a lot of veggies and fruit because I am allergic to gluten. I have a lot of phone calls during the day usually and try to limit myself to checking my email twice a day (a new occurrence). I really love working on my blog and need to take some more time off…but love love love working with teens and parents.

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  1. Katy
    March 22, 2008 at 6:32 pm #

    I’ve got to ask this: do you have a boyfriend? When do you have time to get one??

  2. Vanessa
    March 22, 2008 at 10:07 pm #

    Hi Katy
    I actually have the greatest boyfriend in the world. Scott (is his name) is the entire reason I decided to publish my book and start my business! He pushed me and gave me the courage to do it, I wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t for him!

    He actually is a search engine marketer so he helps me with everything on my websites, videos etc etc etc. I cook dinner for him and we read our Google Readers together and talk about current issues (total nerds), then we watch the movie on our projector (nerdville) and read before bed (total nerds yet again).

    I do not know how I got so lucky, but he comes to every single speaking event and films me, over and over again. We met in China when I was living there and he moved to LA last June. (Its been two years)

    = )

  3. Jean
    April 4, 2008 at 6:18 am #

    Just stumbled onto your website and have already e-mailed my 9 year old 3 blog posts!
    re: schedule – are you independently wealthy? Does the money you earned from your book allow you to stay home? Do you earn money from your blog? How?

  4. Vanessa
    April 4, 2008 at 12:39 pm #

    lol independently wealthy! no. I make money selling my books, speaking at schools and with some advertisements on the site. Right now it is really tough and might have to stop if I cannot get another book deal/advertiser = (

    I just love it and would do it for free but I have to eat.

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