Happy Easter! Fun Post Today

So…I am flying out tomorrow (yes Easter) to be on the Today Show in Miami!  Woohoo, be sure to tune in if you are in the area.  I was trying to think of some interesting gifts for some birthdays coming up and came across this t-shirt making site.  Boy, oh, boy…never give me a bunch of free tools to create clothing.

I had a little fun and designed a bunch of funny t-shirts for whoever wants them in my ‘virtual store‘ how cool is that! I had more fun designing the color scheme than actually figuring out how much money I could charge per shirt.  I am not really doing this to sell a bunch of stuff, but if you are so inclined to buy them as a gift or for yourself, you’d be buying me a cup of coffee and a donut! (well I don’t drink coffee and am allergic to wheat, so maybe a few pieces of expensive fruit)

I’m Desperate

This one is not in my store, but I constantly find I am in a coffee shop and wish I could tell people what I do and that I want to network with them.  So I made a shirt and, you can bet, I am going to sit in Starbucks and wear it all day long until someone comes up to me.  Even if it’s one more parent to my site…its worth it!

1-my-network-with-me-shirt.pngIt says “Network With Me!  If you are a parent or if you want to give  someone a lot of start-up money”

On the back it has my website.  I am hoping people will laugh…and then actually network with me (or offer to invest in my company/find me a publisher/make my dreams come true).

Would you come up to me if I was wearing this t-shirt? I mean, I figure why not be really open and honest about what I need and trying to meet people.  I like meeting new people, most of the time, when they are not creepy.

From the Vanessa Van Petten Online Store25-love-my-ipod-back.png

(ok I personally think these are funny)2-love-my-ipod.png

 1. For teens:

Front: “I love iPod”

Back: “…thats why I am not listening to you right now”

heheeeeheeeehehe, still makes me laugh…my mom said it makes her sad–because it’s true.

2. For Parents:3-i-have-teenagers.png

Front: “Yes, I have teenager. That is why I look this way”

This came from one of my client mothers who said that sometimes she wishes she could just use her teens as an excuse for why she didn’t have time to brush her hair this morning.  She wanted me to put “that is why I look so old” but I thought that was too mean.


3. For Kids/Teens:

Front: “I love my parents”

Back: “…even though sometimes they can be really annoying.”

I have actually had three of my teen boy clients buy these.  (Shocker, they helped me come up with the idea–shout out Daniel, Max and Dylan.)

4. For Parents:

I mean I had to do the same for parents right? Teens are more annoying just as annoying parents. = )


Front: “I love My Teenager”

Back: “…even though sometimes they can be really annoying.”

Send me any suggestions or things you want on shirts and I can go design a pretty one, they also have tote bags and all other kind of (cuter than a plain white t-shirt) stuff.

Maybe I will give some away in some contest or another later.

Wish me luck in Miami!


PS- Please do take note of my beautious color design and titles which I designed to match in my store.

PPS- I know that beautious isn’t word, but I like it.   Oh I just looked it up it is a word, ha! Spelled Beauteous. Coolio.

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