My CBS Segment: Teens Online

I was in Miami this morning on CBS 4 Live morning show and it was great fun!

I talked about how teens are using Facebook and walked the hosts through setting up Privacy settings.  Afterwards both the weather girl and the traffic girl asked me to help them set their privacy settings!

Here is the interview:

See Video Clip Here.

0 thoughts on “My CBS Segment: Teens Online”

  1. hey thanks! Yes, I am expecting Oprah’s call tomorrow…we will see if I have time

    JUST KIDDING I hope Oprah calls, thanks for your well wishes, I was so nervous before I went on, and I need to minimize hand movements lol

  2. Hi!
    I still love Friedbeef, thanks for reading…getting my name out there is tough! It needs to happen soon do not know how much longer I can live off my parents generosity = )

  3. Very cool, Vanessa – watched the clip, you did a great job! Thanks for linking to me the other day, I really appreciate it :-) Oh, and if you make it on Oprah, can I tag along?

  4. thanks! I was nervous, of course I linked to you, I love what you are doing!

    and kate, if I get on Oprah, you can tag along, but you will have to get in line behind my mom, dad, sister, best friend, manager….
    = )

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