3-26-2008 News Summary for Parents

My Favorite Video of the Week: (cyberbullying)


News Updates

NYTimes: Giving Kids Alcohol At Home Can Prevent Binge Drinking Later? 

Security Failure on Facebook Leaks Private Photos to the PUBLIC

the same week that Facebook ADDS Privacy Features
I always stress to kids and parents privacy settings are not secure! They are like lace curtains.

KidZui Launches
This paid program seems to be for parents to help them monitor good sites for their kids and teens. I am going to try to snag myself a copy to review for you all!

Kids Arrested for Nude Photo Sharing

Trends and Points of Interest

Bad Trend Alert: MissBimbo.com
New virtual game where girls can create avatars (it tries to be an ironic stab at Paris Hilton and other pill-popping, plastic-surgery-embracing, do-nothing celebs) Yet, with already 200,000 teen girl members, girls don’t know the difference. Each girl is a Miss Bimbo, and your aim is to get a fun job to pay for all the clothes a Bimbo could possibly want, and become the trendsetting bimbo in town. To do this, you can even resort to meds or plastic surgery. (Thank you Dave Whelan)

Horizon Project 2008
Social network for students and teachers to collaborate, sister to the flat classroom project. Tell your teens to check it out, I am an expert on the site now!

Article About Teen Suicide from Momlogic

Twitter Used in Classrooms
I love this article, as you know I am a twitterer (see right hand column…keep scrolling, there are my twitters) follow me! This is such a great way of engaging students!

Google Trying to Butter Up Parents and Produces Internet Safety Video
(its really boring, and I hope my advice is better than this)

In-depth review of Violent Video Games
…and what to do about it. It also includes an interview with one of the authors of the book, “Grand
Theft Childhood.” I really like this series of posts if you have a gamer.

Connect Safely
I like some of their safety videos for parents, check out this one:


My Updates:

-Many of you already saw I was on CBS 4 Miami this week!

-For my Philadelphia listeners, I was on WCOJ this morning. I am trying to get the clip for you guys.

-Friday I will be on AM 650 KGAB radio 6am (PST), I think they have online streaming.

-Saturday 3pm, Culver City Public Library “How to Keep Kids Safe Online”

Happy Surfing!



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