3-28-2008 Friday Round-Up

*You might have noticed I added two columns to my website and a few new buttons.  Previously, I did not have much advertising on my blog and now, I am really trying to make a bit more of a living blogging.  Rough, I know…but I want to be able to at least have an excuse for why I spend all day writing (until hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, I can publish another book).  So, sorry for the advertisements, I hope they do not annoy my readers too much, if you feel so inclined, buy me a cup of coffee through the donate button (it will help me write better) or click around on some of the flashy, shiny banners.

See my Segment on CBS 4!

What I do Everyday
For advice column this week, I decided to write out what I actually do on my average workday, parents constantly ask me how I get everything done, how I have time to write so many posts, have free time etc. I even put up my to do lists!

Santa Monica Teen Fitness Center Free Giveaway
A great way to bond with your kids and do the summer work-out challenge with me. I am training with a new amazing teen center 02 Max 4-i-love-my-parents1.pngFitness and having a bunch of my teens do it with me virtually, also check out my first blog entry with my45-annoying1.png teen team members!

Some Fun New T-Shirts
Thanks for those of you already bought some of my funny shirts! I created a bunch of jok shirts for parents and teens on a whim.

Harmony Through Conflict
Trish Lay did an amazing and heartfelt guest post on being adopted.

Life 101: 4 Classes Every Person Should Take
The best classes I took from 0-12, 12-18, College and now. This is a fun post, add your comments!

3-26-2008 News Summary for Parents
Video on Cyberbullying, private Facebook photos leaked! MissBimbo new virtual world, violent video games, teen suicide, give teens alcohol to prevent binge drinking later…

10 Summer Job Ideas for Teens
Some traditional and untraditional ideas for what your teens can do this summer!

Remember tomorrow (Saturday, March 29th) 3pm Culver City Public Library, workshop on teens online!

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