Contest: Best Parenting Podcast/Radio Show

So, the 50 Best Mom Blog contest went stupendously!  I got great submissions, spread around a lot of traffic and most of all I got a lot of feedback from my regular parent users that it really opened up the world of blogging for them and they now have some new sites in their bookmark folders!

I love encouraging parents to help inform each other and keep strong communities and this is the best way I can think of doing it by spreading the link love!


1) “Podcast or Radio Show”: Any website on which an individual or group of people produce audio files regularly (how is that for a loose definition).

2) “Parenting”:
A blog, or blog part of a larger website that is contributed to, created, or written by parent or parents.

3) The content of the blog must have something (anything) to do with families, parenting, kids, or teens.

4) Submit the web address, the name of the blog and why you think it should make the top ten to:

Vvanpetten (at) rrules (dot) com

You can also include a favorite article that I can link to in the review.

5) Submit your favorite Parenting Podcast/Radio Show by:

Friday: 4-18-2008

*You can submit your own show!

I am so excited, start submitting your favorite shows to me!

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One Response to “Contest: Best Parenting Podcast/Radio Show”

  1. Tina Nocera
    April 27, 2008 at 4:52 am #

    Hi Vanessa,

    Looks like I missed your deadline for favorite parenting sites. Sorry!

    Thought I should tell you anyway why my parenting site is so unique it’s patented – yes, that’s right I patented pareting.

    The home page tells it all, but I also welcome you to visit the Media Center and ‘meet’ me through a cable TV interview entitled One on One with Steve Adubato.

    The reason I let the deadline slip by is because I’m about to re-launch, and always believe in putting your best foot forward.

    We haven’t yet relaunched (honestly my pregnancies were faster!)

    Anyway, hope you visit the site – and I would love to hear what you think.

    Good luck to you – there is so much good work being done out there!

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