4-2-2008 News Summary for Parents

Breaking News

WSJ: Prescription Drug Use and Teens

Teens Throwing ‘Pharma Parties’ with Prescription Drugs

NYT: School Bans Gossip

Boston Globe: Stricter Teen Driving Laws Making Strides

20,000 Russian Teens Join Teen Suicide Club!

Fun Stuff and Articles of Interest

New Board Game to Teach Kids Internet Programming Languag

Your Worst Nightmare: Teen Drops Out Of School to Start Video Game Company (he is making over 100k though)

NY Mag: Teens Are Attacking Teachers on Facebook

College Letters are Rolling in…and parent anxiety is high

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Social Networking…on your genome?

A new favorite blogger, Pundit Mom wrote a good article I wanted to include: “How to teach your kids about the Presidential Elections

Colleges Making Prospective Students Celebrities to Woo them

What Parents Think of WebKinz

Parents Are Responsible for Kid’s Online Safety (not Schools not Gov)

Teens Protest Against Party Drinking (thank you Scott Edwards) Teens decide to hold a protest by throwing a large party and when the cops came to bust them…they were only drinking root beer. Yup, a big keg full of root beer and bottles of soda. They were making the statement that not all teen parties have alcohol…

My Picks of the Week


The April Fools Joke this week was that every youtube link took you to this video yesterday, it is all the rage with teens, and totally ridiculous.

Sniffu Map where your friends are in the electronic space…new ability for teens to track each other.

I was on a few radio shows this past week, you can check out: the Foz and Tina Show

Cool Social Networking site for coaches, parents, students: WePlay and Takkle

I was just added to Blog Catalog: http://www.blogcatalog.com/directory/personal/family


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  1. PunditMom
    April 2, 2008 at 6:22 pm #

    Thanks for the link. I really like the kids & election post, though it’d not mine, but penned by Rocks in My Dryer!


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