4-4-2008 Friday Round-Up

Hello Everyone!

Before you check out my posts from the week, I put together two pages on the series I have been writing over the past few months.  If you missed them or just want to catch-up, they are:

My series on the current situation with teens and: Drugs and Alcohol

and Growing Up Online Series for articles about kids on the Internet and what parents need to know from a younger perspective.

5 Ways Girls Can Be Leaders

This is a great article with some easy and non-obvious tips for parents to support adolescent girls and their self-esteem.

4-2-2008 News Summary for Parents

Prescription drug use, gadgets to monitor your teen’s driving, ban on school gossip, grading parents on participation (they actually have an honor roll), Facebook to attack teachers, new social network map.

Best Parenting Podcast or Radio Show

Yes, another great contest and I have already gotten some fabulous submissions, submit your friends, submit your own, submit your favorites!

6 Things Kids Secretly Wish Their Parents Do [Fun]

Let us watch the Disney channel and do not mention that we are too old…and some other fun ones.

Guest Post: Couples And Anger

By Dr Andrea Brandt on how your relationship could be affecting your family and kids.

13 Holy CyberCitizenship Laws

Parents give the sex talk, the drug talk, but how about the cybercitizenship talk? Here are 13 laws that every person should try to follow when participating in the online world.

Book Review: The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m Smart and I know Everything) By Dr Barbara Becker Holstein

Three Top Fears Facing Teens Today

This is a serious and short post I think all parents should at least take a glance at…you might be surprised.

Enjoy! Again, please do forward this email on to whomever you think might be interested, many articles are not only for parents of teens, but all parents!

Dream big, work hard and you will get there,


**I am sorry I have not been adding pictures to my posts, I uploaded the new version of WordPress for my blog and it sucks, I am working on it.


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