Weekly News Summaries for Parents

I think it is incredibly important for parents to stay current on new trends, technologies, Internet updates, news about teens and the updates in schools. Yet, parents are soooo busy with everything that is nearly impossible to keep up with everything!

I try to make this dilemma a little bit easier by putting together one post a week, which I call “Weekly News Summaries for Parents.” I try to keep current on all major newspaper publications, technology news that teens use, gaming, safety trends, new features for schools and viral marketing campaigns targeted at teens through-out the week and then put it all in one post for parents.

These summaries usually include:

  • Breaking News Headlines that effect teens, parents and families
  • Articles of Interest– these are articles from around the web (other blogs, websites, e-magazines, etc)
  • Popular Teen Videos– Usually there is about one really popular video per week that EVERY teen is obsessed with. I post these videos so parents are ‘in the loop.’
  • Trends– If there is a new clothing/advertising/website/behavioral trend for kids, teens or parents I let my readers know about it.
  • My Picks of the Week– These are lots of things that I pick that are my favorites like books, products, websites or articles.

Here are some examples:

4-2-2008 Parent News Summary

3-26-2008 Parent News Summary

3-19-2008 Parent News Summary