4-9-2008 News Summary for Parents

Breaking News

WSJ: Teachers Using Videos in the Classroom

Numerous Suicides on Nantucket Island

New Gadgets to Monitor Your Kids While they Drive (genius)

WSJ: Parents Must Be Certified to Homeschool

College Admissions is Really Going Virtual: College Week Live Now Open

Fun Stuff and Articles of Interest

Skype Phone Great Choice for Teens (thank you Calm Tech Coach)

Two Angry Moms: Saving School Lunches


NYT Discussion of Parental Spyware

Dallas News: When Your Teen Wants to Re-Decorate their Room

NatureMom: Alternative Parenting, love this article on parenting that goes against the grain.

Article about mother’s dealing with their kids being diagnosed with everything— ADD, Celiacs, ADHD, Bi-Polar….

Coke and McDonalds are Teen’s Favorite Brands

Courtesy of The Clutter Diet Blog, love these two sites to help families organize their chores, schedules grocery lists, etc: www.cozi.com www.airset.com

Seriously: Big Brother Teen Edition

My Picks of the Week


From: ALotToLose.com

New Computer Game to Help Kids Brush Their Teeth (video included!)

Article of the week: “I can’t Stand my kid!” by the Mentor Mom

High Schools are Giving Parents “Grades” and Incentives to Participate They have actually made a parent honor roll at this school! Love the idea.

Hear my podcast interview with Adventures in Parenting here.

I was interviewed by Sue Blaney of Please Stop the RollerCoaster and she wrote a wonderful and informative article about my views on parenting (thanks Sue!)

I was also interviewed by Dr Barbara Holstein this week!

I wrote an article and did and interview at Open Education blog for teachers connecting with younger generations of students.


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