4-11-2008 Friday Round-Up

**Get-to-know-me-image: I am really a very geeky and uncool person.  Yet, last night I was able to find something that fit my personality and ideal night perfectly: was able to go out network, dress-up, dance and meet people at a party hosted by a technology blog.  = ) I went to the TechCrunch and Pop Sugar party and met some amazing web start-ups (I will be posting about some of these websites in the coming weeks).  You see the pic below, I got a painted tattoo of TechCrunch logo…yes I am a giant loser, but they are one of my favorite blogs.

How Parents Can Handle School Burn-Out

Are you kids feeling like school is awful and they complain about everything from the early mornings, to the teachers to the homework? Everyone goes through it at some point and here is how parents can help their kids deal and keep going.

Children’s Bill of Rights

This is a guest post by Rosalind Sedacca and it is a fabulous list of the rights every child deserves, very heart-warming!

How to Protect Your Teens on Spring Break

Horrifying videos from MomLogic on their expose of Spring Break.  I also give a few tips to avoid the typical tricks teens use when going on Spring Break and how parents can keep their kids safe.

4-8-2008 Parent News Summary

Homeschool for parents, gadgets for teens driving, revamping cafeteria food, teens re-decorating their rooms, ADD, teen’s favorite brands and more…

7 Tips to Cope with Your Child’s Need to Be Perfect

A guest post by Dr Robyn, that discusses the need and obsession with kids today to be ‘perfect’ and how you can deal with it.

Fox 5 New York and Radio Shows

I was on 6 radio shows and podcast this week and my book “You’re Grounded!” was featured on Fox 5 New York!

7 Ways to Help Your Kids Be More Green

Trying to get your kids to be more eco-friendly, here are a few easy ways to remind them that they are lucky to have so many resources and get them in the habit of being more aware of the environment (and you too!)

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