4-16-2008 News Summary for Parents

New PSA on texting (a little disturbing):


Breaking News

Reuters: Ashlee Simpson is Pregnant Can you believe another young hollywood unmarried starlett is pregnant, seriously people…I hope Hannah Montana isn’t next

WSJ: Colleges Reject Record Numbers

Parents of Teen Drinkers Can Get In Troubl

NewsNet: New Bill Would Force Parents to Volunteer

Articles of Interest

New Kids on the Block are Back…can they compete with Miley?

MSNBC: Schools Cut Candy and Student’s Weight Goes Down

Article About Parent Coaches

Wired: Teen Author Finds Success in Hating High School

Rise of Teen Dating Abuse

New Board Game: Family Fluxx (thanks Parent Hacks)

Youth Campaigns Juiced by Mass Texts (YPulse)

My Picks of the Week

Great EBook on Motivation at Between Your Ear

Teaching for the Future I did a great podcast interview, love this blog especially for teachers

Make the Mosts of Visits to the Library with Your Kids

*For those of you who are keeping up with me on my summer fitness challenge (encouraging teens to stay active be doing what I preach), my weekly work-out post at 02 Max Fitness here.

*Remember to submit your favorite parenting podcast or radio show for my contest coming up!

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